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The easiest way to get started is to browse our website for the latest FREE and DEEP DISCOUNT deals for eBooks. If you want to get the deals sent to your inbox then sign up and select how often you want to be notified via email. If email and browsing is not your thing then you can access the latest deals from our Facebook and Twitter pages. All you have to do is like us or follow and we will get you added to our growing family of readers.

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I Just Read It provides you with the best titles from self-publishing authors and world renowned writers all in one easy to navigate location that is customizable by you, FOR YOU!


I Just Read it provides a mashable source for writers, self-publishers and readers to showcase their talent and tell their story. We get the word out about your title to hungry readers in our own mailing list and aggregated mailing lists making it easy to find the right audience that will connect your with your content. Social Media and Mobile Media App promotions get more readers to see your books. Our mandate is to provide readers with as much social proof about your titles; this is why we encourage and engage experienced book reviewers to take first constructively critique your title as part of our process. Learn More About How To Submit Your Book.


We know that most book reviewers are passionate about every reading experience. One great critique can help an author find that missing link that makes a good book great and a great book awesome!

That's why we embrace book reviewers anywhere in the world. Reviewers challenge authors to write better books; a single constructive critique can take a book from the abyss to best seller status.

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