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Finding Freedom: A Personal Exodus from Deception to Identity
Finding Freedom: A Personal Exodus from Deception to Identity

Through 24 Jan by Cassie Hutton

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About the book

Finding Freedom will take you on your own personal journey of targeting deception in your life and replacing them with God's Truth. Deep down, Christians struggle with issues that keep them held in bondage. Darkness loves to hide itself because many times we don't understand what God is showing us. God wants to expose that darkness in our hearts so we can walk in a greater freedom. In my book, Finding Freedom, I share real testimonies of breaking free from old mindsets on relationships, God, Jesus, religion, and how what I believed and what was modeled for me as a child caused me to choose a path that brought heartache and despair. I share the raw truth on trauma, unforgiveness, and abortion. I also write about how I continue to walk Truth out today. Finding Freedom will take you down a path of finding your own freedom. This book will help you find your God-given identity and show you how you can experience an encounter with Jesus in a very real way. Every Christian desires a deeper walk with Jesus as He beckons us to dive in with Him. This book will take you on a journey and expose the darkness along the way to your FREEDOM!

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