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27 Books: The Instant and Effortless Study Guide to the entire New Testament
27 Books: The Instant and Effortless Study Guide to the entire New Testament

Through 17 Aug by Steve Blundell

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About the book

27 Books is the go-to guide on the New Testament. 27 Books is a concise, easy-to-understand guide to New Testament that gives a clear overview of each book. For each of the books, you will find an overview that provides you with key information about the Author, the Date it was written, the Purpose of Book, the Key Theme(s) along with the Four Life Giving Verse(s) and the importance of the book to believers today. It is a fantastic guide for individuals and churches.This edition also includes a glossary of key terms to encourage every believer and explain some of this assumed terms that we all scratch our heads over occasionally.In this book, you will find answers to questions like:Who wrote the new testament? How many books are in the new testament? What is the new testament? What are its background and message? This is a great New Testament Introduction and makes the perfect New Testament Study Guide for new and existing Christians. Great for Post Alpha Course teaching and discipleship.

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