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Wiser Next Week: Navigating the Life Experience with Guidance from Great Minds
Wiser Next Week: Navigating the Life Experience with Guidance from Great Minds

Through 19 Dec by Kingston Lim

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About the book

Reading books is good, but you are gravely mistaken if you think the act of reading alone will lead to your success. The problem with a passive reader is that they idly observe the achievements of others without achieving anything themselves. Don’t be like them. What is learned through books is meant to be put into action. However, with so many noteworthy books, it is time-consuming to go back and forth, trying to reference such a wide variety of material.
Wiser Next Week is designed to do the heavy lifting for you by compiling some of the most inspiring books ever written and condensing them into one succinct package. Contributors include great minds from antiquity such as Seneca and Marcus Aurelius, 19th century transcendentalists Emerson and Thoreau, 20th century thinkers Napoleon Hill and Maxwell Maltz as well as modern businessmen Ray Dalio and Tony Robbins.
Condensing the highlights of these experts into one central location organized by specific areas of life makes it easy for you to refer to words of wisdom during times when you’re faced with difficulty. Some areas of life covered in this book include:
Happiness: Learn how to join that wonderful minority of people who enjoy cheerful lives as they move from one success to another. Death: Develop a stoic calmness for the inevitable and be ready to seize what can be had now. Goal Setting: Facts on why some people fail in life while others achieve outstanding success, as well as time management strategies to help increase productivity for business people.Work and Career: The mindset needed to get any job you want and the problem solving strategies that worked even during the dark times of the Great Depression. Money: Timeless truths that ring true through the ages, presented with a modern twist to help you reach your financial goals faster. Marriage and Parenting: Methods and advice from an older generation that have been married for decades on how to find the most compatible life-long spouse. As well as how best to treat children so that it becomes a lifelong relationship. Negotiation: Why getting your way starts with an unselfish attention to the desires of others, and the need to improve listening skills in order to increase your negotiability.Leadership: How to build authority when you’re at the bottom of the ladder, advice from a lead pastor who started as an intern.
Reading is but half the battle, the first half, and Wiser Next Week helps you with the second half. Hundreds of years of knowledge from outstanding individuals has been distilled into one piece of actionable reference material. Wiser Next Week is an easily referenceable manual to accompany you on your own exciting journey, so that when you stare down life’s inevitable challenges, you can spend less time reading and more time doing.

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