Turned Into a T-Girl (Transsexual Erotica)

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Turned Into a T-Girl (Transsexual Erotica)
Turned Into a T-Girl (Transsexual Erotica)

Through 05 Jun by Tabatha Dallas

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About the book

It was a huge risk testifying against one of the biggest mob bosses in Vegas, but Mark Miller refused to back down. With the trial a bust and his former boss walking free, he had to follow up on his plan to undergo cosmetic surgery and throw the mob off of his trail permanently. But even the best laid plans go awry and Mark wakes up not only with his millions missing, but his new look wasn't what he thought it would be. A boob job, butt implants, and a whole suite of feminization surgeries transformed him into 'Lollipop', a t-girl stripper. Can Mark aka 'Lollipop' survive hormonal frat boys, strip clubs, and a whole host of degrading experiences while avoiding the mob as he/she tries to get his money back? Is the process reversible or will he come to love his new body and not even want to go back?

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Category: Erotica Romance