The Queen's Mark: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy (Royal Guardians Book 1)

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The Queen's Mark: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy (Royal Guardians Book 1)
The Queen's Mark: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy (Royal Guardians Book 1)

Through 07 Dec by Tori Smith

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About the book

Hidden witch royalty. A prophecy that must be fulfilled. Four sexy warlocks with an agenda.

When I drop to my knees on my twenty-fourth birthday, I figure it'll be at least from some hard alcohol. I mean, let's be real. There is plenty of that in my system that night, but what brings me to my knees is certainly unexpected.

The mark hurts like a b*tch and appears out of nowhere, stamping my arm like a brand, but what happens next trips me out more than the appearance.

This guy seems to materialize with the brand. He's large, intense and after he takes me to his house, I realize he's not alone. He has a friend, an arrogant one, and he's just as beautiful as the first. Two more men happen to follow these two, one the others seem to look to and the final, probably the prettiest guy I've ever seen. They also all look at me in ways that make me want to do things, dirty things to each of them.

Had they not told me I'm their queen.

They mean it in the literal sense, not some kinky kind of awesome thing, and I'm left thinking the next Uber home is sounding good.

Especially when they go on about things like powers and a destiny I have to save them all. I've got powers because I'm a witch and they, my warlock guardians. We all were sent from the future to make sure Earth actually has one, and if I don't get a lock on that, bad things will happen.

That's all fine and good until I learn about the bond, something linking us in intense and sometimes visceral ways beyond all of our control. I can try to save the world. That might be doable.

But how can I deal with my feelings for the four of them?

The Queen's Mark is book one in the Royal Guardian's series by Tori Smith. If you like hook ups, mayhem, and four smoking-hot warlocks and the witch queen who refuses to choose between them, then this book is for you! You won't be able to click through the pages fast enough, so one-click this slow burn debut novel today!

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Category: Paranormal Thrillers