The Other Ideas: Art, Digital Products, and the Creative Mind

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The Other Ideas: Art, Digital Products, and the Creative Mind
The Other Ideas: Art, Digital Products, and the Creative Mind

Through 12 Oct by Yonatan Levy

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About the book

Tech product leader Yonatan Levy turns uncertainty into a desirable, even necessary, ingredient in the creative process. In The Other Ideas he reveals time-tested secrets for achieving breakthrough ideas and successfully implementing innovation projects.We all have ideas. But what makes some ideas better than others? How do we figure out which ideas hold the most potential and which ones we can let go? How do we take an ordinary idea and hone in on its very best parts? More specifically, how do we take an idea and transform it into a groundbreaking digital product? With over a decade of experience in technology product development and classical art training, Yonatan shares with us his own arsenal of creative-thinking techniques that fuse artistic perspectives with the dynamic demands of today’s high tech industry. Twenty-six of Levy’s original sketches accompany his text. The Other Ideas isn’t a rehashing of industry standards or age-old advice. Rather, the pages in this book come from Levy’s own experiences; in each of his essays, he invites the reader into a discussion designed to accelerate personal ingenuity, incubate innovation, and thrive in the ever-changing world of digital product development. This book can change your creative process, and make you feel less alone when confronting the hard parts. Levy's hard-won lessons touch upon the core of any creative work by delving into topics such as: Enduring uncertaintyPushing past the obviousExploiting obstaclesFighting for inspirationAppreciating accidentsUsing work itself as the holy grail of creativity
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