The Journey To Your Dreams: Life Lessons to help Achieve Your Dreams

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The Journey To Your Dreams: Life Lessons to help Achieve Your Dreams
The Journey To Your Dreams: Life Lessons to help Achieve Your Dreams

Through 14 Mar by Mahesh G.

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About the book

Everyone has dreams of achieving something in life. But despite taking the efforts to achieve them, not everyone succeeds in making their dreams come true. Ever wondered why?

The answer is a four letter word called Luck. Whether you like it or not, Luck plays an important role in the achievement of your dreams. If Luck is on your side, you will achieve your dreams relatively easily; else you will struggle to achieve them despite all the efforts that you take.

Who controls your Luck? Why don’t you have full control over your life? What can you do to increase your chances of getting Luck on your side to help achieve your dreams?

These are some of the questions whose answers you will find in this book.

Written in a simple, easy-to-understand language, this book uses practical and convincing examples from our life to explain how to increase your chances of achieving your dreams. Instead of simply preaching you things and expecting you to accept them blindly, this book makes you think for yourself and makes you ponder over the various concepts presented in its chapters. After reading this book, you will:

Understand the process and reason behind the dreams that you see for your life.
Understand the concepts that you can implement to increase the chances of achieving your dreams.
Get inspired and motivated to start working on your dreams and keep working on them till you achieve them.

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