Tease Me (Mojave Boys MC Book 1)

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Tease Me (Mojave Boys MC Book 1)
Tease Me (Mojave Boys MC Book 1)

Through 17 Apr by Carmen Faye

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About the book

I never thought for a million years I’d be in a town so small that it doesn’t even exist on a map. I never thought for a million years I’d set foot in an outlaw biker club house. I certainly never thought that I’d jump into bed with one of them…

Arrogant, cocky, and wickedly handsome underneath all his tattoos and leather, Vance Coldman is every one of my sinful fantasies come true. The word ‘no’ isn’t a part of his vocabulary, not out here in the desert where violence is law and might is right.

I’ve never gotten a chance to sample his dark forbidden world.

Not until now.

But something tells me that he intends on giving me more than just a glimpse.

… and that he doesn’t plan on holding back.


Violence is law and might is right in my world. A man will do everything he can to defend his property—be it his bike or his woman. Out here, a man makes his own luck.

That’s the way I’ve lived. Anything else is just slavery with a better name.

So when she’s asking for a taste of my world, she’s getting it all.

But what she doesn’t seem to understand is this:

When you step into my world, you’re not leaving.

Not now, not later.


Tease Me is book 1 in the Mojave Boys MC trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Tempt Me and Rule Me are available everywhere now!

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Category: Romance, Mystery Thrillers, Contemporary Romance