Shelter for the Sheikh: A Royal Billionaire Romance Novel (Curves for Sheikhs Series Book 9)

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Shelter for the Sheikh: A Royal Billionaire Romance Novel (Curves for Sheikhs Series Book 9)
Shelter for the Sheikh: A Royal Billionaire Romance Novel (Curves for Sheikhs Series Book 9)

Through 18 Apr by Annabelle Winters

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About the book

A dying CIA agent makes Sheikh Bilaal Al-Khiyani promise to take care of his widow . . . by giving her the one thing she always wanted. A child. OMG!

This is a full-length standalone Annabelle Winters Sheikh Romance set in the Curves for Sheikhs world. You should expect drama, madness, and over-the-top steam. There's always a happy ending, but make no mistake: These books are darker and more intense than your average romance novel, and they are not for everyone.

For those willing to step into this world, here's what readers are saying about the Curves for Sheikhs Series:

The steam is really up there to scorch level--just where I like it. (B. on Amazon)

I was a bit skeptical of the storyline when I first started reading it but I became a believer and got totally wrapped up in the story. (Elsa on Amazon)

The characters are complex, sexy, full of unexpected choices. (Sharon on Amazon)

The characters are amazing, they are well developed, have a scary amount of depth and compassion to them. (Mons on Amazon)

This is definitely a must read, especially if you like dark romances! (Shelly on Amazon)

There is bondage, spankings and rimming so if these things offend you you might not want to get this book. I was surprised because normally I do not read books that have those things but this one was rather addictive and I stayed up all night reading it. (Sharon on Amazon)

The story is a fantasy but it was written so well, you had all this hope . . . you believe it can happen! (Low on Amazon)

This story is so well written it amazes me. (Ruth on Amazon)

I read this not moving from my chair! The sex is steamy hot, but more than just sex a true story line. (Kathy on Amazon)

Love the ending! (Diane on Amazon)

A totally unique story. The intense emotions and palpable fear makes this more than a romance! (Sheila on Amazon)

This was the very first Annabelle Winters novel that I have read. IT WAS AWESOME! I can't wait to read more of her books. (Avid on Amazon)

The chemistry is scorching and the intrigue adds another dimension to the story you don't expect to find in a traditional romance. I finished in a single sitting because I absolutely couldn't put it down. (Kristen on Amazon)

Most of these kind of books have a weak plot but this one has a gripping storyline. A hot thriller. (Tulip on Amazon)

The hotness factor is off the charts and the chemistry between the two main characters is equally off the charts.(Heather on Amazon)

If you like hot and heavy romance, with a suspenseful background, this is for you. (SATC on Amazon)

WOW! SIGH! SWOON WORTHY!!! Yup. Totally liked this story and totally checking out this Author who is new to me. (Lori on Goodreads)

This is not your usual sheik storyline. This is a fresh take with many twist and turns. (B. on Amazon)

It is like no other royal (sheikh) billionaire romance I've read before . . . vivid imagery, drama, action, intrigue, and romance sprinkled with a little magic. (AC on Amazon)

The characters were very real to me and I realized my heart was pounding at times! (Cindy on Amazon)

This author is really surprising. Very few authors can write stories that are so completely different but within the same world. (Sharon on Amazon)

This book will draw you into her world and keep you asking for more! I loved her characters they were very 'fleshed' out and realistic I can totally imagine this in real life which is what I absolutely love about a book that keeps me coming back for more!! (Megan on Amazon)

There are moments here that are so private, erotic and descriptive that I was asking myself "should I be watching this?" And I enjoyed every minute of it! (PWO on Amazon)

I am normally able to guess what is going to happen but for this plot, I did not guess correctly. Which of course was wonderful! (KMH on Amazon)

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Category: Contemporary Romance