Shadow Hills: Gripping Crime Thriller

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Shadow Hills: Gripping Crime Thriller
Shadow Hills: Gripping Crime Thriller

Through 13 Oct by Ryan Kane

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About the book

Author Ryan Kane brings his second gripping crime thriller “Shadow Hills” to the attention of all fast-paced crime fiction fans. This gripping, darkly compelling tense mystery thriller will leave readers turning the pages at pace desperate for answers

It was dark outside. So dark and so cold. And even more evil. It seemed that Lillian could feel the evil sinking right into her very bones. She crept through the darkened alleys. There was no one in sight and yet it felt like eyes were watching her from every direction……..

With endless nightmares about a dead child in addition to a marriage that is falling apart, Lillian Johnson is done with detective work. But, when a desperate man calls her husband, Phil, and asks them to solve two disturbing murders at the motel he owns, Lillian and Phil decide to take on one last case.

When they arrive at the small, ghost-like town called “Shadow Hills”, Lillian and Phil begin to wonder if they have taken on more than they can handle. From mysterious spectrums to noises that come from under the floorboards in her room, Lillian realizes that the Shadow Hills Motel may take away not only her sanity but also her life as she faces not only her worst fears but also the ghosts from her past.

With each mystery that they uncover, more danger seems to make itself known. Soon, it becomes a race against time as the two detectives realize that what they fear may be lurking within the motel itself and those they trust may not be what they seem.

Will they manage to get out of Shadow Hills alive? Or will Phil and Lillian become the victims of a town that seems to swallow up visitors and never let them go?

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Category: Horror