Self Growth - 2: Self Growth Through Self Esteem Techniques

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Self Growth - 2: Self Growth Through Self Esteem Techniques
Self Growth - 2: Self Growth Through Self Esteem Techniques

Through 13 Jan by Ron Millicent

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Imagine being able to look at those `set backs` in your life - and changing them into huge advantages. •What if you could have the ability to look at life’s events – that we can’t escape from – and turning them into benefits that will last your entire life? •What if you read stories about real life experiences and actually be able to relate to them – and change everything for you? •How would your life be different if you could take what other people say it a `crushing blow` and be able to look at it in such a way that your life’s journey is enhanced? How do I know about this? Read the chapter on Vet #2; the collapsed lung story defined my attitude to this day – and is fully credited with world-wide adventures which continued for many years. And then to look back on a heart attack where uncertainty was rampant – and how the patient wrote a comical chapter in the book describing it in in the first chapter of `Self Growth: Discover How Easy It is` .

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