RNWMP: Bride for Kendall (Mail Order Mounties Book 1)

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RNWMP: Bride for Kendall (Mail Order Mounties Book 1)
RNWMP: Bride for Kendall (Mail Order Mounties Book 1)

Through 17 Apr by Kirsten Osbourne

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About the book

JoAnn Becker, a wealthy socialite from Ottawa, has devoted her life to music and teaching others. She is content with her unmarried status, still living at home with her parents. That is until one of her closest friends moves west to marry the Mountie of her dreams. Once her friend is gone, she feels a bit lost and confused. When Miss Hazel approaches her with a plan to send her out West to marry a Mountie as well, she agrees, not sure at all what to expect.
Kendall expects a wife just like his friend married—someone who will cook, clean, and dote on him. When JoAnn arrives, he finds that she’s nothing like he expects, but everything he needs. The two of them make beautiful music together, but he’s not certain it’s enough to sustain a relationship. Will JoAnn agree to stay in the West and marry Kendall? Or will she give in to her insecurities and flee back home to her privileged life in Ottawa?

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Category: Romance