Regency Romance: The Lady’s Masquerade (A Historical Romance Book)

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Regency Romance: The Lady’s Masquerade (A Historical Romance Book)
Regency Romance: The Lady’s Masquerade (A Historical Romance Book)

Through 13 Oct by Deborah Wilson

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About the book

Good girls don't go snooping where they don't belong.
But Lady Delia Scarborough never claimed to be a good girl.

Lady Delia Scarborough wants her sister back from the grave.
Since that can't happen, she'll settle for the next best thing...

Making sure her sister's murderer does not go free. .
Lady Delia's happy to play the part of maid as long as it gets her inside the home of Kieran Dearborne, Duke of Cowanfield.
He may be able to fool his young daughter into thinking he's innocent, but he can't fool Delia.

She knows a murderer when she sees one. .But the attraction that blossoms between them throws her plans into chaos. .The more Delia gets to know the Duke, the more she thinks his innocence is no act.
But every clue she uncovers points to him, and he acts strangely whenever she's around.

Delia will do anything to avenge her sister's death, but that means putting her own life in peril.
Can the duke's love pull Delia back from the brink of danger? Or was her fate sealed the moment she stepped into the Duke's home?

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Category: Religion