Ransom (Courting Chaos Book 2)

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Ransom (Courting Chaos Book 2)
Ransom (Courting Chaos Book 2)

Through 12 Oct by Heather Young-Nichols

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About the book

Bellamy needs an escape.

Bellamy Harper needs to get away from her psycho ex-boyfriend. So when her BFF invites her to spend the summer on tour with two of the biggest bands in the world, she quits her job, and doesn’t look back. But running just made her ex angry. When he shows up on the tour, she knows that running was never the best idea.

Ransom Drake finds Bellamy aloof and challenging. At least until his ex-girlfriend shows up and says she’s pregnant which just puts more distance between him and the beautiful, funny redhead he’s so enamored with.

When Bellamy overhears Ransom’s ex admitting that she lied to Ransom… A secret Bellamy can’t keep. She tells Ransom and he has no reason not to believe her yet the ex has proof. Together they need to sort out the psycho and determine whether the ex-girlfriend is really lying before their pasts succeed in keeping them apart.

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