Past Jumper: Future Jumper Series (Future Jumper Series #1)

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Past Jumper: Future Jumper Series (Future Jumper Series #1)
Past Jumper: Future Jumper Series (Future Jumper Series #1)

Through 14 Mar by Jamie Heppner

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Reviews from readers!

*sniff* Just read Past Jumper by @Scorpedo(Jamie). Good read.
Cliffhanger ending. I'm a quick reader when I'm interested and/or hooked.
And I was.
From the very beginning until the end. READ IT! But... but... but... WHY?! Why there? *whines*
AHHHHHHHHH, where's the rest???? You cannot just stop a book like that! I have to know what happened! On to book two!

Faster than light travel, it’s impossible, that is until Aiden and his girl friend Jess prove the theory wrong one night. The world changes drastically with most of its people seemingly gone and the ability to use magic returned. Aiden must struggle against the changes he has unknowingly created, and try to get it back the way it was, or at the least, save everyone who has been taken.

With a mixture of both old science and new magic he fights against nature, and father time itself to fix what went wrong, while trying to survive the destruction of everything we hold dear, even humanity.

This short story is my Debut. The 4 following stories are already up and ready for your reading pleasure. Every story is a stand alone tale, however, if you read them out of order they won't make as much sense as they could, since they all tie together in some way.

Thank you for reading. Please find the followup short entitled PRESENT JUMPER here on Amazon. Or grab the collection of books 1-5 available now!

If you liked this short feel free to leave a comment or review. Even hitting the like button means a lot to authors like myself.

Happy Reading!

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Category: Sci-Fi