On the Hook: Smith and Westen Mysteries, Book 1

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On the Hook: Smith and Westen Mysteries, Book 1
On the Hook: Smith and Westen Mysteries, Book 1

Through 07 Dec by Cindy Davis

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About the book

A Picasso painting, worth a hundred million dollars, disappears en route from Chicago to New Hampshire.

En route is to be taken literally because it happens while the truck is moving. The painting is there, then it’s not. It’s gone, but it can’t be.
Kendra Jean Valentine, underwriting agent for the policy, is on the hook.

She scrapes together enough to hire two women to work the case. Two ‘regular’ women no self-respecting insurance agent would look twice at. Which is exactly why KJ thinks they’re perfect.
Westen Hughes owns a failing pet shop.

With creditors phoning daily, she jumps at the chance to earn a bundle of easy money, even though the offer comes from high school nemesis KJ Valentine, who stole everything in high school: head cheerleader, homecoming queen and the star quarterback.
KJ pairs her with Westen’s total opposite.

Phoebe Smith is a snake-loving, underwear-hating, tuba player with more baggage than Logan Airport.
Ten percent of a hundred million is…

Well, it’s a lot so Smith and Westen join forces on a rollercoaster ride to find one of the world’s most valuable paintings.


Cindy Davis is the author of 22 mysteries and romantic suspense novels, and several non-fiction books. She’s a 20-year veteran free-lance editor, and a recent transplant to the land of sunshine where she can be outdoors twelve months of the year rather than the four or five in New England. Cindy and her new husband Rick do a lot of hiking and swimming. They like to travel—next on the bucket list is Italy. The last trip to Rome produced a novel Lethal Dose of Revenge (being marketed now) which made it TAX DEDUCTIBLE!
Personally, she’s addicted to coffee—particularly chocolate raspberry flavor. And don’t anyone dare get between her and her life-loves: Ben & Jerry. Other than that, she’s pretty laid back.

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