Omega's Bears (Hell's Bears MC Book 1)

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Omega's Bears (Hell's Bears MC Book 1)
Omega's Bears (Hell's Bears MC Book 1)

Through 12 Jan by J.L. Wilder

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About the book

I’m an omega. I’m all alone. And the wolves are coming for me.
All my life, I’ve felt I should be stronger. All my life, I’ve felt I should be powerful. But all my life, I’ve been nothing. The only thing I had was my clan. But the wolves took them from me. Every single one of my family is gone.

The wolves want me for crossbreeding, and I have to run. The only bears who might protect me are dangerous, lawless, and wild. But still I ride on. Straight into the den of the Hell's Bears MC.

18+ only.

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Category: Supernatural Romance