Merrily Ever After (Second Chance Fairy Tale Book 1)

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Merrily Ever After (Second Chance Fairy Tale Book 1)
Merrily Ever After (Second Chance Fairy Tale Book 1)

Through 07 Dec by Julia Keanini

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About the book

A single mom, the quarterback she didn't choose years ago, and the help of a "Fairy Godmother"...Can Eliana and Drake unwrap their second chance this Christmas? 

Single mom Eliana Walker has begged, borrowed excuses, and would have even stolen to make sure she never had to be in the same place as her first love, Drake, especially during the holidays. But to Eliana's distress, there is only one way to ensure that she can spend her first holiday season as a divorced woman near her daughter. She has to go home not only in time for Christmas, but also for Drake's wedding ... to Eliana's stepsister.

NFL quarterback Drake Charming is about to marry his girlfriend of a decade, but returning home for the wedding at Christmas reminds him of the girl who stole his heart, Eliana. But Eliana made her choice fifteen years ago and it wasn't Drake.

Can a little Christmas cheer and a meddling "Fairy Godmother" spin together enough romance to give this second chance fairy tale a happily ever after?
A Modern-Day Cinderella inspired Sweet Romance.

The first book in the Second Chance Fairy Tale series.Each book is a stand-alone romance with a promised happily ever after. 

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Category: Contemporary Romance