Lucky Universe: Lucky's Marines | Book One

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Lucky Universe: Lucky's Marines | Book One
Lucky Universe: Lucky's Marines | Book One

Through 14 Mar by Joshua James

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About the book

Leap into the action and hang on like hell.
"I couldn't put this down!"
"So many twists in the story."
"Love the main character!"
- Five-star Amazon reviews

In a desperate fight against insurmountable odds, mankind’s only hope is a lifer Marine with a violent past he can barely remember and a penchant for picking fights he shouldn’t win.

Ambushed behind enemy lines and left for dead along with a handful of privates so green they actually respect his authority, Lance Cpl. Lucky Lee Savage has to master his inner demons, manage the ambitions of his foul-mouthed AI, and figure out what is tearing a hole in the fabric of space-time before everything goes tits up.

Lucky wouldn’t bet on the universe. One thing he will bet on: Somewhere, somehow, somebody is going to pay for all this. And he is going to be right there to pull the trigger.

“Starship Troopers” meets “Jason Bourne” via "Aliens" in this gleefully addictive, full-throttle military sci-fi adventure.

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Lucky Universe is the first book in the Lucky’s Marines series.
Lucky Universe — Feb 2018
Lucky Legacy — March 2018
Lucky Empire — April 2018
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Lucky Invasion — July 2018
Lucky Revenge — Aug 2018
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Lucky Justice — Oct 2018
Lucky Bastard — Nov 2018
Lucky At Last — Dec 2018
Get Lucky: Mission Pack 3 (Box Set)And don’t miss the free prequel story, LUCKY SHOT, available exclusively at

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Category: Sci-Fi