Knuckle Bones (A Troy Bodean Adventure Prequel)

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Knuckle Bones (A Troy Bodean Adventure Prequel)
Knuckle Bones (A Troy Bodean Adventure Prequel)

Through 14 Feb by David F. Berens

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About the book

Fifteen minutes decides life or death...
Troy Clint Bodean didn’t know the I.E.D. would go off in exactly fourteen minutes and fifty-nine seconds burying a piece of jagged metal almost two inches deep into his knee and blowing both of Harry Nedman’s legs off at the hip. If he had, he would’ve smoked his last Morven Gold cigarette before stepping down out of the cockpit of the AH-64 they’d dropped in the middle of the road just outside of Kabul. Hell, if he’d known that, he would’ve put the chopper in the air and gotten their asses out of Dodge!

Welcome to the beginning of the legendary Troy Bodean Adventure Series. Who is Troy? Soldier? Hero? Dude? Find out in this prequel to the bestselling series.

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Category: Mystery Thrillers