Jaxson (Black Devils MC Book 1)

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Jaxson (Black Devils MC Book 1)
Jaxson (Black Devils MC Book 1)

Through 18 Apr by K.J. Dahlen

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About the book

I can’t stay away. And that will lead to my destruction…..

The Black Devils saved me from myself
But I became a monster in the process.
My club gave me a world I fit into.
It’s too late. It’s who I am now. I can’t change.

Ten years ago, I made a mistake…
a long-buried secret that plagues my mind.
Since then, guilt has raged through my soul.
I vowed to do anything to protect her.
Anything, even if I had to come back from hell…

I’ve learned all my lessons the hard way.
I could not watch her do the same
Her life was headed in the right direction.
The problem was; I couldn’t’ stay away.
She had become my center.


I lost my father to the Bloods’.
It consumed me with fear and hate.
Their world broke my family and tore my mother apart
It crashed her world and that I could never forgive.
But, I can’t let fear and hate sway what I feel in my heart.

Sometimes Jax would make me forget the pain.
He gave me the love I was missing.
But I secretly fear his darker side.
Jax is a biker with a shady past.
It’s suicide for us to be together.
In more ways than one…

But, Jax is not a man to be held back and I’ll never betray my heart.
It’s too late; my heart craves Jaxson like a cruel twist of fate.

Jaxson is an 80,000+ word standalone, full length super sexy, raw mobster romance novels. It includes lots of steamy scenes, slang, cursing, some violence, dark themes and elements about an outlaw motorcycle club. HEA guaranteed. For a limited time, bonus stories featuring K.J. Dahlen's Satan's Spawn MC is included

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Category: Contemporary Romance