Healing In Reverse: What Nearly Dying Taught Me About Really Living (A Near-Death Experience Story)

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Healing In Reverse: What Nearly Dying Taught Me About Really Living (A Near-Death Experience Story)
Healing In Reverse: What Nearly Dying Taught Me About Really Living (A Near-Death Experience Story)

Through 12 Oct by Matthew James Moores

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About the book

Why nearly dying was the best thing that's ever happened to me...
At 23, a near-death accident broke my body. A brain injury and trauma broke my mind. Continued misfortune broke my spirit. I was ready to give up. I was ready to die. After being reduced to nothing, I was finally able to rebuild, in reverse. From a place of spiritual healing, I was able to nurture my mental health. I then achieved physical healing that Doctor's said was IMPOSSIBLE.

The focus of this book however, is the life-shifting series of circumstances that followed over three years after the accident. From battling prescription drug addiction, moving away from my friends and family, finding healing in alternative medicines and learning to fall in love with life again, this book follows my personal journey through the darkest time in my life, back into the light.

It’s not just a story of healing, but an honest reflection on how catalysing events can drastically change a person. This is an observational analysis of what it’s like to undergo such psychological changes, in a short window of time, as well as the hidden benefits that lie under the surface.

It shouldn’t take a catalysing near-death experience to finally live the life of your dreams! Don’t wait for misfortune to forcibly change your perspective. EMBRACE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF TODAY! Healing In Reverse is about how I learned to find healing in body, mind and spirit, through compassionate self-inquiry.

Final chapter: “11 things that nearly dying taught me about really living”.
It’s an emotional, yet concise account, relating to a transcendental awakening process of spirit. A step-by-step experience-driven report on the blooming of my soul. It was equally debilitating as it was rewarding, yet, I would not change the slightest of variations, for every minor detail had its place.
I have expressed my story, in the hopes of showing others that it’s positive to do the same. A problem shared, is a problem halved! Knowing and feeling the fundamental truths of being alive should be accessible for everyone.
Embrace your own story.
Don’t run from it. Don’t waste another day of your valuable time on earth!
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