Fishtown Blood Bath: Lampreyhead Book One

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Fishtown Blood Bath: Lampreyhead Book One
Fishtown Blood Bath: Lampreyhead Book One

Through 13 Oct by Tim Burke

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About the book

Being an immortal blood-sucking ghoul has its perks. After five hundred years, Ned’s business as a gigolo in Philadelphia is booming: his clients get three-day orgasms and he gets enough food and cash to keep him safe and solvent. And since he transforms into a seven-foot lamprey—he’s still in the dark as to why that little inconvenience keeps happening—he’s learned to keep a tub of water handy. He’s smart like that.

In fact, his utter lack of knowledge of his past and what his true nature is drives Ned to search out the most despicable undead horrors of the world’s criminal paranormal underbelly. Armed only with the knowledge that he and his vicious family of bloodsuckers were created by a supremely evil creature in Austria, Ned comes to meet the corrupt necromancer Visconti and his ridiculous werewolf patient Raimond.

In this Clive Barker meets Stephen King style black comedy mash-up, Ned must defeat the stooge-like lethal villain, learn the true nature of the magic that fuels his undead life, save humanity from a cataclysmic convergence of a comet and arcane spells and—some how—get the girl. Will the undead gigolo reject triumph, or will he just suck?

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Category: Horror