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Through 12 Jul by Yu Sakurazawa

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About the book

Renato Horvat is a fierce fifteen year old boy, with no real perspective for sight. At an impoverished area nearby Sopiane, Hungary, Renato and the boys of the “Hood” run on loose, go wilding. Hustling with mobsters, minor break-ins are on their menu. Does Renato let’s this rough environment grind him up? One day can change everything. Meeting a stunning, tranny beauty sets Renato out on his biggest quest: to avoid becoming “the freak of the Hood” and emerge as a mature woman. Reborn as Renata, she conquers her fears in the capital, overcomes many stumbling-stones, but the main question remains. How hard is she willing to fight for love while the past tries to drag her down? Renata Horvat is not afraid of her own shadow. After we see her making her first big lifetime decision, we meet her again as an astonishing beauty at the age of 25 then 30. Behind her raven black hair and precisely formed muscles, she’s tormented by fears and doubts. But this girl from the Hood is ready to fight haters, machos, and dominators both with her wit and fist.

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Category: Romance, Contemporary Romance