Cruiseliner Hades 7: A Lost 77 Worlds Tale

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Cruiseliner Hades 7: A Lost 77 Worlds Tale
Cruiseliner Hades 7: A Lost 77 Worlds Tale

Through 14 Mar by Craig Martelle

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About the book

Technology made people afraid. Their future uncertain and their past fading, they struggled, some to embrace their new world, but others fought the changes. Join this story of eight adventurers who come to the Ruins of Juneau to set things right. A Ranger, a bear-like beast, a military man, and five others stepped off a cargo ship. Juneau lay before them. What do they do?

This is a science fiction story, first and foremost, so read and enjoy. It is based on how the players brought their characters to life. It is written in my usual style.

Cruiseliner Hades 7 was inspired by Stephen A. Lee and James M. Ward, designers of the Lost 77 Worlds role-playing game. They wrote the basic set and then expanded the rules to include adding a large assortment of scenarios. Rise of Juneau is the adventure that I wrote for my friends, but as the final scenario in a 12-city quest, we needed to bring it to fruition on a positive note, hence the role-playing emphasized over door-kicking and monster bashing. This is a fictionalized account of the game that I ran at GaryCon X – the premier RPG event, held in honor of Gary Gygax, the creator of Dungeons & Dragons.

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