BIG: Crisis

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BIG: Crisis
BIG: Crisis

Through 09 Nov by Greyson Bryan

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About the book

"Readers will root for the sympathetic Duncan [Luke] as he morphs into a more grounded version of James Bond or Jason Bourne." --Publishers Weekly

Blackmail, Corruption & Murder Amid Global Turmoil

BIG: CRISIS begins as the Arab Spring ignites. Duncan Luke is now head of the Bingham Intelligence Group, working with the frustrating and beguiling Ghislaine Bingham. His life is in chaos, Bingham's future is uncertain and grave danger lurks in the company's new oil investment. London, Paris and the West African island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe take center stage as Duncan must again set out on a trek around the globe while life with his autistic son, Sam, hangs in the balance.


“…very evocative, very descriptive…” –LA Review of Books

" Greyson Bryan's BIG is an international thriller with complex, compelling characters and surprises around every turn." --Richard Kletter, film and TV writer and adjunct professor at USC Film School

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Category: Mystery Thrillers