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I had been watching an eBook for weeks on Amazon waiting for the price to drop from $14.99 and if never happened. A few days later I Just Read It found it for free at my local library - Brilliant Stuff!.

Clyde Grant

What can I say..? I was turned off from Amazon because of all the junk eBooks that I was getting, it was ALL BAD. I Just Read It guys sifted through all the junk to deliver the best ones to me.

Artie Burke

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Frequently Asked Questions From Readers
How Does I Just Read It Work?

We provide readers with more places to find great content on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBookstore and your local library as well.

How Can I Find the eBooks?

You can browse our website, sign up for daily emails or download the latest eBooks through our Mobile App.

Can I Customize My Email Notices?

Absolutely! When you sign up you can customize the books you get in your emails or what you see on the website.

How Much Does It Cost?

NOTHING! The service is absolutely free, you will never have to pay anything to get great offers from our authors.

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